Monday, 7 September 2009

Kids Day at Canada's Wonderland

It's been a month now since we arrived here in Canada and I would say I have done lots of things already (not all home chores, silly), well my family that is. Although we have not been to other attractions here in Toronto, I was and still excited about our Canada's Wonderland trip yesterday. If it had not been to the Filipino Day, the reunion of BFF (Best Friends Forever - Joy and myself) plus the fact that this is the last year of Hanna-Barbera land and Nickelodeon in the park (Snoopy will take over in 2010), we would have not set foot in this wonderland.

Our first trip on our own, by commute - we rode the TTC (Bus-subway-subway), then GO transit (Bus) directly to the park, well returning home is another story. The kids were excited asking "Are we there yet?" each time we alight. It took around 45 minutes to get there, we arrived at exactly 10:00 am. We didn't meet Joy at the entrance because the lines are already long, good thing we have a stroller, we entered in a shorter queue. Our baon inside the baby bag was not inspected anymore, we brought rice and chicken and sandwiches. The first thing that welcomed us is the fountain but you cannot miss the tall and big rollercoaster tracks everywhere. The Behemoth is towering but just seeing it sends jitters. We went to the height scanners first to determine which ride is allowed for both Miggy and Kyle. We then proceeded to Medieval Faire area to get the schedule of the ice-skating show then to Hanna-Barbera Land, Nickelodeon and Kidzville. On the way, we saw lots of thrill rides for the adults but some of them I've already seen in Six flags. The park is larger (I think, or there are just too many rollercoasters everywhere LOL) compared to Disneyland HK because it has a water park inside. I already made a list for the rides to try for myself and with the kids but we spent most of the time in the 3 kiddie areas, by the time they were tired and I was ready, the lines are too long, my plans didn't work out. Anyway, this is for the kids so we literally stayed in that part of Canada's Wonderland almost the whole day. Joy and I finally met when I asked her to go and ride the Hanna-Barbera Merry Go Round with me and our kids hahaha. Her daughter is already 10 so she got bored and looked for more thrilling rides elsewhere, the next time we saw each other again was when it's already going home time. Anyway, the kids had a blast! Seeing them all smiles and cheering especially when we saw and posed with Spongebob and Patrick, then with Diego, I could only mutter - it was all worth it. Miggy and Kyle enjoyed the Rugrats Toonpike (Bumpcar for kids) and rode this three times. We lined up for Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion but the line is very long. This was super hit even for adults. I remember Ani and Jeri said this was their very first ride. It's the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster version here in Wonderland. The kids rode all the rides in the 3 areas (Nickelodeon, Hanna-Barbera and Kidsville) and stayed at The Candy Factory for hours.

When they got tired, we then walked towards the adult areas but either the lines are too long or I was too chicken to try the rollercoasters. We just checked out the water park which the kids wanted to try next time and see the rollercoasters and other Pinoys walking around (katuwa). Ani walked towards me while I was browsing the map on the way to the Ice Skating Show and we were happy to see each other there. We posed at the Wonder Mountain (the only photo with Lito) and had coffee at Starbucks before parting. We enjoyed the Endless Summer - Ice Skating Show, Lito captured it on video. After the show, we were supposed to go home but Miggy insisted on the Scooby Doo ride so we lingered. We lined up for almost an hour, Lito and Lex had already finished a Swan Lake ride and we're still there waiting. After the ride, Kyle had another round in Merry go round, this time with Sharky then we headed home. It was already 9:00 p.m. We met the Dimitui family at the gate. Because we have kids, Joy and Ador insisted that they bring us home but Lito had to commute. The kids slept in the car but played with Jaymee (whom they called Girly) at home before they headed off. Some minutes there for Joy and I to catch up. It was almost 11 when they left and Lito arrived. What a lovely day! Enjoy our Canada's Wonderland pictures:

Taxi Jam -rollercoaster for kids - Look at Miggy (first coach alone - Tapang!)

Miggy and Kyle meets Spongebob and Patrick

Spongebob and Patrick meet Irmee and Lex

Miggy: "Diego, where's Dora (and Kyle)? Diego: "Nag-date kasama si Boots"

"Bye Nick, next year Snoopy naman"

"Ayun yung Vortex mommy oh, sabi mo sasakay ka" -Miggy "Ayoko na, ayaw akong samahan ni Tita Ani mo" -Irmee "Tingnan na lang natin-ayun oh sa itaas" -Ani

"Yaan mo mommy, paglaki ko, magrorollercoaster tayo" -Lex "Naku anak, matanda na ko nun, okay lang pose na lang tayo ngayon" -Irmee

"Haay, salamat, nagka-picture din, kanina pa ko kuha ng kuha wala naman akong kuha" -Lito

"Kumpleto na ang pamilya namin" -Joy "Ang cute talaga ni Alexus" -Jaymee

Joy and Irmee - High School Buddies, Best Friends Forever (Gaya ng dati sans the added weight and lines hehe)

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i enjoyed this post...i like the idea na pwede mag-commute to get to wherever..

and irmee, carry mag-backless pag summer?? winner! hahaha :)