Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Jumpy-Jumpy and Rogue One day

To celebrate Aloysius 15th birthday, we went to Trampoline Park - Aerosports in Brampton.  I got a good deal again from Groupon (it was buy one take one ticket) .  The kids had fun jumping and jumping until they ran out of energy.  It was a perfect opportunity to burn some calories from the Christmas feasts. I have a secret dream to be jumping in my own trampoline in the backyard but because it was expensive and not safe for kids if they play on their own, I just joined the kids in the jumping.  I call it a jumpy -jumpy day.
We also took advantage of my free movies perk from Scene visa to watch Rogue One, the Star wars movie this year. The kids have a good memory of the characters and the events from previous movies and I find myself asking lots of questions because I lost track of them. I also learned the difference between the Shadow Trooper and Storm Trooper and all the fighter planes. It's like an exam in school, lots to learn.  Fun Day with the family. love it.

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