Sunday, 11 December 2016

Birthday Celebration at Medieval Times

Today is Lito's Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary. This year we wanted to try celebrating birthdays differently.  Or let's say, I got tired of preparing and cooking the food :) Anyway,  I got good deals from Black Friday Sales and was able to score the lowest priced dinner vouchers to Medieval Times.  Can you imagine the regular price for an adult is from $ 65.00 /person?  I will not disclose how much my deal was but it was not the same price :)   Anyway, since we ate at Mandarin for Sharyn's Birthday, and will play at Trampoline parks for Aloysius birthday,  I got to have a special dinner for my knight and it was a memorable event.

First, it was the first big snowfall day in Toronto so we were so excited to see the snow again. then we were one of the first to arrive.  With the deal voucher or not, the seats are on a first come, first served basis and we are so lucky to get the seats right after the VIP row, as in second row.

The kids got excited when the doors opened and a man in costume started to welcome guests and gave instructions. We were one of the firsts few in line, it was a breeze getting thru the ticket line because we had our tickets saved in the wallet of my iPhone and they just scan all the codes.  Then we were "crowned" with our own Medieval times paper crowns by the gorgeous servant ladies. :)  then we had our official photo taken with the princess before proceeding to the lobby where the goodies and shops are located.  There was an area where you can see the horses. we were asked to wait and we used that time to have our photos taken in the castle.

After our colors were called, we then proceeded to the arena and we were seated very close to the front.  Plates from the olden times were in front of us and Lex asked me why there are no forks and knives and I said, we are going to eat the same was as the olden times - by hand. The show started after the introduction of the King and the Princess and all the knight's joining the joust.  My kids were very excited joining the crowd cheering for our knight and I found myself doing the same.  The atmosphere got more excited as the different games came on and we were shouting loudest when our knight almost won the competition.  The photos show how great this night was and the knights were.


There were many knights but My knight in shining armor is of course the star of the night. Happy Birthday to my best friend and partner in life.


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