Monday, 26 December 2016

I am Grateful for 2016

I do this every year. Here's my 15 for 2015 account and below is my 2016 list.  How time flies?  It's almost over but I wouldn't let the year pass without listing my top ten blessings for the year.

1.  First Travel on my own to be with my parents, my sister and family in Mississippi.
2.  Started a new diploma course in Lean Six Sigma at University of Toronto.
3.  Went on another solo trip to United Kingdom to represent my department in UK HQ.
4.  Bathroom and Kitchen renovation
5.  Aloysius received an Honor Roll Certificate for last year's performance
6. Celebrated Lito's Birthday with a Medieval Times Dinner, kids had a blast.
7. Watched NBA Toronto Raptors game from a private VIP box.
8. Reconnected with old friends and gained new friends (virtually and physically) at work and within my inner social circle.
9. First time to attend a Molson Christmas Party for adults. Nice to be dressed up.
10. Entertained guests from Nova Scotia, enjoyed precious time with friends.

I'm forever grateful.  Thank you Lord.

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