Friday, 9 April 2010

My KPM Results

Since I became a stay-at-home mom here in Canada, I thought I will forget my ISO lingo. I admit I have been an advocate of the ISO systems (QMS, ISMS and EMS) in my work and without noticing it, I have applied the principles of these systems in our day-to-day activities. I would consider the achievements of my children as my KPM (Key Performance Metrics) where I played significant roles in helping them get their own targets. I'm proud to present my KPMs: My first born's cursive handwriting and his answers in multiplication practice sheets although he skipped some of them because the exercise is timed. Notice that he wrote his name in no lined paper.

Would you believe that Aloysius learned to eat on his own when he was 6 years old, Kyle when he was 3? Back in the Philippines they were spoon-fed by yayas and that went on and just stopped when we didn't have a yaya. Well, sometimes the grandparents helped them. When we arrived here, they were already told that no one will spoon-feed them so they have to learn how to eat by themselves. With Lex, I didn't have a hard time because he sees his older brothers. He just observes how they use the spoon and fork and when he learned how to climb the chair, I just saw him finishing Kyle's food when he went to pee. At first, he used the fork with his left hand and also uses the fork in putting food into his mouth. He was a little stubborn but I showed him how to do it and it was not long before he mastered it. Sometimes, when he can't get the food in his spoon, he just picks them up with his fingers and put into his mouth. The video was the very first time I gave him his own plate, spoon and fork and look how he enjoys it. Lito and I are always amazed at how fast he learned this skill and a sure way to exceed my target, hahaha. I hope he learns how to potty without sweat too.

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a boy's mom said...

irmee, grabe ang galing ni lex! mas magaling pa yata sya humawak ng spoon and fork kesa kay miguel ko, challenge ko yan with miguel, till now kailangan pa subuan! hay!