Sunday, 25 April 2010

I love spring and Cherry Blossoms!

The timing is perfect, the weather is good- not too cold, the sun is up and the cherry blossoms in High Park are blooming. It was written in Aloysius diary to "Go to a nature walk on Saturday on the park behind the Science Center" and so we did but in another park since we already went there last Fall. Instead, our family went for a High Park Cherry Blossom Walk yesterday. We went there by TTC subway, got off at High Park station and walked about 2 minutes to get to the Park entrance at Bloor Street West. We got all excited upon seeing the tulips at the entrance and when the kids saw the children's playground. We lingered for a while there before we headed to Hillside Gardens to see the trees and the lake. It was a 30-minute walk but we didn't notice it because most of the park visitors are walking (those in cars were stucked in traffic because it was hard to find a place to park - advantageous to commuters like us). Needless to say, it was all worth it. When we arrived at the spot, we were awestruck! I just told the kids - "Look at the trees with only white flowers in it and no leaves". Aloysius screamed, "Oh so these are the Cherry Blossoms!" We laid our picnic mat, had our lunch under the trees and enjoyed the view while Lito clicked on the camera. The view of the trees everywhere and overlooking the lake is amazing! Here are some of our High Park photo opps:

Cherry Blossoms @High Park

Grenadier Pond

Hillside Gardens Maple Leaf


Faye said...

great view! katuwa all smiles mga kids.

Kitts said...

wow ang saya naman. ako din favorite ko ang sakura :D ingat palagi irmee! ;)

clarice said...

ang ganda! :)

Irmee said...

dati gusto ko pumunta sa Japan para sa mga cherry blossoms na ito, di na pala kailangan, Sanrio, Puroland at Hello kitty na lang magiging motivation ko to go there, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

good read, post more!