Friday, 23 April 2010

My 17th month old Alexus - sliding and running

Lex turned 17 months last Friday and I realized time flies so fast. I still remember breastfeeding him and he couldn't get enough that's why I called him "Ot-Ot" LOL!. Now he eats on his own, in his messy kind of way - gets the filling from the bread (ham, cheese, wieners, licks the mayo, peanut butter and other spreads), eats the meats and veggies first before the rice or sometimes doesn't eat rice at all (Canadian na hahaha), likes yogurt and bananas so much. He is also brushing his teeth using a toothbrush (or just eats the flouride-free toohpaste hehehe). Lito is the chef for today and to celebrate Lex birthday, he cooked Pasta Alfredo style, say? I took a picture of his masterpiece but don't ask me about the taste hahaha. Good job sweetheart! still not bad for a first-timer. When we went to High Park children's playground today, Lex enjoyed it very much. He learned how to slide, he also tried the swing but he doesn't like it. I was tired running after him because he kept on walking and running on the park and chased the nice top-down cars stucked on traffic. Here are some of Lex moments at High Park:

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