Sunday, 11 April 2010

I feel good

It feels good to have a "me" time. With the home chores and attending to kids, stay-at-home moms like me should find that "me" time so they will be recharged. I'm thankful that I am here in Canada, enjoying the perks and freebies that the government gives to the residents. They are after the well-being of individuals giving them the opportunity to engage in sports, exercise and other activities at no cost. I enrolled in Toronto Fun's boxercise and cardio exercises while Miggy attends computer class every weekend and Kyle attends a class similar to Gymboree which costs a lot in the Philippines. It feels good to work out and sweat. While we were jumping, kicking and punching, I feel stronger. Meeting new friends and exchanging hi's to classmates adds up to my social being.

It's springtime and what a good way to spend your day at the community centre while enjoying the view on the way there. Leaves are coming out and flowers are starting to bloom. The weather is perfect, the sun is up there and the cool wind is just right. Time to savor the moment and enjoy God's blessings. It feels good.

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a boy's mom said...

hi irmee, i agree. we SAHM's have a fulltime job..swerte na if we can have an hour a day all to ourselves, but me time is really important to destress! :) exciting naman that you and the kids can participate in those activities.

btw, july 14 kami :)