Monday, 19 April 2010

My family's Bohol and Cebu adventure

Even if I was not physically there, I was with them in spirit and constant communication thru mobile updates, hahaha. I was even part of the planning and packing activities. I was glad they enjoyed the vacation. I hope my brother Roty will forget about how much he spent for this holiday because the smiles on his daughter and son's face is priceless. I heard they were on the beach everyday before the sun rises until sundown except when they went for the countryside tour. Sinulit ba? Good thing, they were on the BBC/Dumaluan area - the shoreline is long and clean, no boats and quiet unlike the Alona beach area which is too commercialized, the restos are already occupying the shores. The Bagobo Beach Resort is not bad based on the pictures and the service according to Wendy is what made their stay worthwhile. Value-for-money deals are always recommendable. Where can you find a place where everything is already arranged for you and you were always treated like a VIP at little cost? I hope my readers who are planning for a Bohol vacation will be able to get in touch with Tessa and experience what my family did - a stressfree (money-wise) and an enjoyable one.

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