Monday, 12 October 2009

Putting thanks into Thanksgiving

Thankfulness has more to do with who you are more than where you are. I thought Thanksgiving celebration here is the same in the US but we celebrate it today. It really doesn't matter where you are and when do you celebrate it, what's important is you recognize who you are, what you have become and realize where all the blessings in your life came from. For some especially those still recovering from calamities, it will be harder for them to see life as something to be thankful for but the reality is we have been given all the things to be thankful for - our day to day survival, the food we eat, every breath we take, our life - no matter how it turned out to be. Maybe this is a time to reflect and think about God and our purpose in life, have we been thankful everyday? Let us take this opportunity to give thanks to the One who made all things including our existence - God.

My firstborn sang in church today. Part of the song says "You took my sin and my shame. You took my sickness and healed all my pain. Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord" I'm so happy that he did this in front of hundred plus people. I'm a proud mom and thankful too. Well, we didn't have turkey in our first thanksgiving dinner but I'm glad we have put thanks into proper perspective. You deserve our Thanks Lord God!

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