Saturday, 17 October 2009

Autumn walk in E.T. Seton Park

Autumn is the perfect time to visit one of Toronto's parks and trails. The cooler weather also means that going for a hike or walk or bicycle ride is much more comfortable than in the summer months. Last Wednesday, Aloysius requested that we go to the park this weekend so he can play in a pile of leaves of different colors. Good thing the weather today is great, Mr. Sun appeared so after our early lunch we headed to Elizabeth Seton Park, just a block away from our place.

I learned to love walking here, so with the kids wagon and stroller, we were there in no time. Our autumn walk is not only an exercise but also an enjoyable family affair. We enjoyed viewing fall colours and the hike along the trails. Going there thru the Ontario Science Center entrance, we already enjoyed the view. We saw many hikers and cyclists travelling the Don Valley Trail. The park is connected to a network of trails leading to Edwards Gardens (which I vowed to visit next time) travelling south through Sunnybrook Park, Wilket Creek Park and Serena Gundy Park, on the other side going to Thorncliffe Park up to the other end Victoria Parkway.

I love the colors of autumn (green, brown, deep red, orange, yellow) which we saw in the park from the trees that shed their leaves in fall. Maple and oaks are samples of that kind of tree. They change color due to the shorter days and cooler temperatures. With less exposure to sunlight, leaves stop producing chlorophyll (which makes the leaves green) and each leaf's true colors come out. Aloysius didn't have the chance to play in the pile of leaves (we didn't see one, an opportunity to try the other trails :), but the trip was worth it. Enjoy the colors depicted in our pictures as we did in our autumn walk:


Chris said...

what nice pictures... sana someday i can see this sights personally! :D

Irmee said...

Chris, it's free to dream. Who knows you can be a missionary and visit other places like this? God is good, He will let you see His other wonderful creations in the future. :)

a boy's mom said...

simply gorgeous! favorite ko din ang autumn (from movies and photos nga lang haha)...and oh i love that you mentioned the park is just a few blocks away fr your place! sarap nung lalakad ka lang nasa park ka na...hay! :)