Saturday, 24 October 2009

How to carve your pumpkin (Jack O Lantern)

Miggy made a new project out of the pumpkin that he brought home from the fieldtrip at Riverdale Farm. I was planning to cook a pumpkin soup but he said he will make a jack-o-lantern out of it. This is our first time we're making this in time for our First Halloween here in Canada. Here's how Miggy carve the pumpkin (with the help of daddy):


1. Make a hole on top of the pumpkin. Position the knife in 45 degrees angle before you carve. This will make the top stay in place. Remove the meat and the seeds.

2. Draw the face of Jack on a piece of paper

3. Copy or Trace the face you drew from the paper to the pumpkin.

4. Start carving, use the drawing as your guide

5. Complete the face by carving all the details.

6. Ask someone to hold the pumpkin while you carve the corners

"AFTER" - the finished product


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Ang galing, Irmee!


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