Friday, 30 October 2009

My little grown up boy (Me Binata na ko!)

Today is class photo shoot day and Miggy requested that he wears his tie for the occasion. I cannot find the old tie we brought and he didn't have a long sleeved polo that's why Lito had to purchase a new set of wardrobe for him. When he slipped into his new red polo with a matching tie and his new trousers, I was surprised to see a young man in front of me. My first born has grown up. Me binata na ako!

Now I wonder why did he want to be "japorms" (looking cool) in his photoshoot day, is it a girl or girls? hahaha. When we arrived in school this morning, the girls from his class swarmed him to check out what he was wearing and I heard remarks like "Wow, Miggy is wearing a coat and tie!", "Ohh, Cute!", "You look like a college boy", "I wanna be seated beside Miggy in our class picture". The girls never left his side until the bell rang, the boys just looked at him in awe. His look made him the envy of his boy classmates or was I just imagining a scene from a movie hahaha.

Here's my GQ model and an onlooker:

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