Monday, 29 June 2009

In the middle of everything

I haven't updated my blog recently because I'm in the middle of something....looking for cheap airfares, reliable sea freight forwarders, reserving for seminars I have to attend to, planning for our HK Trip and planning for a big project which opened my eyes to doing something for the preservation of the environment. I have started something in all these but have not accomplished anything and the clock is ticking. Haay..I'm glad I have someone to turn to for help. Thank you Lord. Of course, the internet is my tool in getting the info I needed.

In the middle of all these, I learned to appreciate time and my children who constantly ask for my attention. I came to realize that I should spent the little time I have for my parents and siblings and their offsprings. I learned to accept the uniqueness of the Filipino and how I will miss the intricacies of my culture and the beauty of my country.

I just want to stop and savor these moments, while in the middle of everything.

My sons while enjoying the praise and worship at the Kid's church

My officemates including the big bosses at the send off party for Attorney and myself (nakikidespedida party lang)

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