Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Weekend at A.Venue Hotel Suites

Wendy got a free weekend stay at The A.Venue Hotel in Makati and what a great way to end our summer! We didn't go for a swim, it was cold, It only has an Indoor pool and it was also raining cats and dogs. Dad enjoyed watching the French open, while Carter and the kids watched Nick and Spongebob on the flatscreen in the room. Kyle wanted to have that TV, I said we can't afford it. Kuya was busy playing with the PSP and Lex crawled around.

Kyle with Makati Skyline on the background

Kuya Busy with PSP

Lex "I can Sit" pose

Model of sunglasses


Alicia said...

Oh, how fun!!!!!!! A free night at a hotel!!

What a great lookin' bunch you have there!

LOL, my sons would be busy playing their video games too!

Irmee said...

Hi. Alicia. I thought PSP would be my way of calming the house but it turned out more screams are heard because my 2 sons would be fighting over it. I guess I would I need another unit. hehe.