Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lex's new hairdo

After discovering the marks from scratching on Lex's face and consulting with my pedia and n@wies (an online community of newlyweds and moms), I decided to have Alexus' first haircut without waiting for his First Birthday. We went to Festival Mall last Saturday and found the Hair Play near Enfant store. It was filled with "car" seats, toys, and TV with shows for kids. Carter had to carry Lex while his hair is being cut. He cried most of the time but the barber was very good he was able to finish without Lex going berzerk. I haven't downloaded the pictures from Wendy's new camera but I have here the before and after shots (although different pose and background). Gone are his corn colored hair but he looked grown up (and very "pogi") in his new 'do' (sulit ang 250 pesos plus tip- LOL).
My latest hearthrob - Alexus (6 and a half months old)

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