Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Go Lakers Go!

I used to be an anti-Lakers NBA fan. Whenever I watched NBA and there's a Lakers' game, I always cheer for the other team. I dunno know why but I always sided with the underdogs - a Filipino trait. But when I was able to watch a Mavericks-Lakers game in Dallas last year, I witnessed how good they really were and Kobe deserves that "superstar" status. I was looking forward to a Cavaliers vs. Lakers finals but Orlando spelled Magic that's why this season's not yet for a Lebron and Kobe match. Game 2 was amazing! Pau's defense is splendid but then again, Orlando's "Magic" faded, with Lee failing that shot and the momentum slowly took away their victory in overtime. I'm looking forward to more exciting Games 3,4 or 5 if ever there will be.

How I wish that my kids will be interested in sports like basketball. I see signs in Kyle - I was head over heels with Manu Ginobilli at the time I'm pregnant with him but I still don't see any fanatic traits from me, Irvin, Justin, Daddylo or Roty. I bought Lex a Lakers shirt to feel the NBA Finals and let him be a Lakers fan to help me cheer Go Lakers Go!

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Alicia said...

I used to watch basketball years ago! Way before I was even married! I only liked the Bulls...lol.

But, no sports fans here in my home! LOL