Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Warning and Tips against Cellphone Robbers

Lito's phone got stolen last night in a jeepney on his way home. It was a mistake for him to check on the phone on the jeepney while he is only 2 blocks from where he is supposed to alight.

These "Mighty Ducks" (I just can't put here F in place of D hehehe)has different strategies just to get your attention so that they can get the cellphone without you noticing it. Here are the things you should watch out for:

1. Be aware of the person sitting next to you and in front of you especially when they are conversing in their language.

2. If the person sitting next to you is squeezing you like hell, his hand is already at the target. Remove whatever is covering the bag or pants (Lito has his back pack on his lap when the crime happened). In my officemate's case, her bag was covered with the Ducks jacket. Then transfer to another seat or better yet, alight immediately.

3. The ducks sometimes do stupid things like spitting on the jeep or spit outside when he is at the end of the jeep. They do this so that you will look away, this will become an opportunity for them to do their thing.

4. If somebody from the jeep noticed or give a remark on what the duck is doing, they will get angry and even put out a balisong, this is their next strategy, manghoholdap na lang sila. As soon as you hear them denying or getting angry, alight agad.

There are regular Ducks in particular areas specially along Alabang-Zapote Road and I'm sure they have been caught already but since law here also sucks, they are still wandering around victimizing people like my husband.

So be alert and keep your cellphones in the secret pockets of your bags so that by the time the duck finds it, you are already aware and ready to attack him first. Spray your cologne in his eyes. WAAAHHH. Brutal ba? Grrrr. Kagigil ksi.

P.S. When my sister in law tried to call the Duck holding the cellphone, and told them, "Bakit nasa iyo yung cellphone nung kapatid ko?" he replied, e nasa kin na eh...THE NERVE!!

Mighty Ducks, Salot ng Lipunan.

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nol_espedido said...

hi again! alam mo ba parang we have so many things in common. nung nakita ko nga 'tong site mo natawa ako. pareho tayo ng mga pinagkakaabalahan. right now may iniintay lang kami para mafinalize na yung bookings namin for HK. we're off to HK on Feb 20 to 24.