Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Family Outing: La Mesa Ecopark

It's a special non-working holiday today and instead of joining the useless rallies (I admit I used to join the rallies before, but now I consider it futile and our country's case hopeless), our family opted to go to LA MESA ECOPARK in FARview in Quezon City. Our trip was not too long it's a good thing people didnt join the EDSA celebration. We arrived shortly after 9:00 A.M. and we find a good spot to lay our picnic mat and the rest of the day was spent checking out the nice spots worthy of photo opps. The place is well kept, the restrooms clean and with strong water, hehehe hello, LA MESA DAM kaya ito? What we love about the place are the FLORA and FAUNA - it's amazing how the trees and different species of plants were hiding in this corner of Metro Manila while the rest of the place is polluted. It was a relief that we were able to lie down and appreciate God's creation. The sight in front of our picnic area was a garden terrace where different colored plants and flowers are carefully manicured. We enjoyed our Picture Taking in all the corners of this place. Here are some:

Check out the rest of our pictures here:

Afterwards, we went to our relatives in Roxas District and to meet my sons' cousins and titos and titas. I can't believe that my nephew, Christopher Angelo Vito (a La Salle Junior Basketball star) is already six feet tall at a young age of 12 years old. We also visited lolo (my biological father) who is sick at St. Luke's.


Kitts said...

uy photo opp! nice yata talaga jan no, sana makapunta din kami :) ingat palagi!

sieg said...


Ang cuteeeeeeeeeeee ng inaanak ko. Sana makita ko sya soon. :-)