Saturday, 16 February 2008

QMS in my life

Even before I was not an employee with work related to QMS, I've been practicing it. Documentation,record keeping, duties and responsibilities, setting targets etc. Now that this is already my career, I've lived and breathed it more in my life. I've identified key performance indicators as my basis for a quality life and like the QMS in a company, I have to identify the reasons why it is not met (Root Cause Analysis) and making sure that the problems are corrected or potential problems prevented (Corrective and Preventive Action). I realized that I've come overboard in setting the KPMs or targets and it hurts because I cannot meet it. Now as I am doing the 5Ms, I realized that I overlooked the Money part or the resources I will use to accomplish the target. I'm so disappointed that my partner is not keen on the idea in the first place that's why I'm silently hurting now. Haay, why did I ever assume that he will help me realize that dream trip?

Well, I guess the bottomline is to correct the problem by considering other sources of the one important M for that target to be accomplished. I'll probably start the paid blogging business so I can fulfill my KPMs or maybe set achievable targets that both my partner and I will be able to reach...

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