Monday, 25 February 2008

Vantage Point Movie Date

We didn't have a Valentines date so this was our post-valentine event. I had a chance to see the trailer of this movie in AXN channel and I was glad we had the opportunity to watch it. The movie was great! I love how the movie was shown thru the different vantage points until you are able to determine who the real killer and his motives were. Galing! Although at times, you maybe wondering what happened next because after scene, it'll start all over again from the point of view of another character. Dennis Quaid seemed older in the movie, but his role is something like Harrison Ford, me substance. I liked his heroic acts in this movie. I especially liked the Spanish Guy Eduardo Noriega, yung police, ANG POGI!!! and also I like the character of Forest Whitaker. I also loved the location or the venue where the movie was shot -> How I wish I can also go to Spain (idagdag sa wishlist yan hehehe). The car pursuit scenes seemed impossible but it came realistic. Ang ganda rin pala nung Spanish girl na naglagay ng bomb (hahaha, na-tomboy na naman ako)

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Kitts said...

sabi nga ng sister ko maganda nga daw :)