Thursday, 7 February 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Got my visa ahoy!

I am so happy, my US B1/B2 visa got approved today after nerve-wracking experience! I have not prepared for this because I was not too keen on the idea (mas focused ako dun sa Canadian migration namin) Anyway, only a day before when our American CEO wanted to talk to us before appearing at the US Embassy I started to browse on our brochures and ask around for the recently asked questions. Anyway, since today is Chinese New Year, I was supposed to wear red for goodluck, I was born under the sign of Monkey and they say that it's my lucky year this 2008 but our managers said that we wear our uniforms for a more businesslike image. I wore my uniform again after yesterday ksi nga no time to laundry it, Yikes but it's not really mabaho or anything. Our schedule is 12:30pm but Remcel and I arrived around 10:30am. Most of the time we just waited in lines and in the Pavillion. We were tensed because the waiting time and the pressure from our bosses are killing us. We have not eaten pa. I was most nervous while at the Fingerscanning area because the American is shouting while giving instructions on where to put the fingers and how to do it...The lady pa in front of me has half-dead body or just recently had stroke and could not stretched out her fingers, haay, it took me almost 20 minutes at the line. buti na lang when its my turn, the lady at the other side of the booth is already smiling and did not yell at me. My smile worked!! Soon it's waiting time again at the interview area, I tried to scan again the folder where I kept all the supporting documents that might be required to show. I have heard some of the interviews and added to my apprehension. Remcel was called first and she was assigned in Booth no. 10 then I was called next in Booth no 9 where a lovely young lady was waiting for me. I was so nervous that the first words I have spoken were "Hi, Good Morning" when it was already 1:30 pm. hahaha, When she smiled at my remark, that's where I become at ease and the interview went on smoothly..I was there for only a few minutes and I didn't have to run through my folder and get supporting papers. Here are her questions which I guess I aced in answering that's why I was given the visa :)

1. Have you had experience in international audit? (Tough question na agad noh)
2. How long have you been in the company?
3. Why are they sending you, Can't they find someone in the US to do the audits? (Siyempre, time for me to be assertive sweat :)
4. Do you have kids? (I was going to show her our family picture but I decided not to para di na magtagal)
5. Who is going to take care of them?
6. What does your husband do? (syempre, pasikat ulit, I let her know that my husband is also working in an American company)
7. How much do you earn monthly?
8. How long does your brother stayed in the US? (I asked her to repeat this question because I didn't understand)
9. How many of you are being sent by the company? Are you going there in a group? or alone? (Buti na lang I remember Anthony my co worker was also assigned in this same booth and maybe she's just confirming so I just said, The other guy is going there ahead of me...)

After that, she just smiled and gave me the yellow slip, I didn't understand what else she said, I can only remember Delbros so that meant I passed the interview. WHEW! That was fast!

I was praying for Remcel while waiting at Delbros booth because her interview took longer than mine maybe because she's single and very young, but I was thankful when she showed up after a few minutes.

We were so happy that after going out of the embassy, we went to a Chinese Restaurant (HOP CHAN) for a late lunch (sobrang gutom na kaya kami) then watched the Dragon dance there.

Thank God for this blessing!


nol_espedido said...

hi! i could also remember when we applied for a US visa. sobrang nakakatense kahit pa buong family kami andun. syempre sobrang saya rin right after ibigay yung slip kasi it means pasado ka.

Faye said...

uy congratulations! and hope to see you soon! :)

Jane said...

hey congratulations! kakatense diba? we also applied two weeks ago yata. i was with hubby and my daughter. nabigyan din kami so sya saya :)

i think maluwag sila now.