Saturday, 23 May 2009

My half-year old

My youngest child turned 6 months old today and I'm proud to show off my baby who is already showing signs that he's ready to stand up, walk and eat. Early this morning, I put him on Candy's high chair and took this shot. His look says, "What's for breakfast Mommy?:

"I'm ready to eat" - Alexus

Later in the afternoon, I captured some sibling moments while Kyle and Lex are playing in Candy's Room. Kyle always appear each time I want to take Lex milestone pictures. I thought of nice captions to complement the pictures:

Kyle: "Look at me, I'm POGI"
Lex: "Are you sure about that? Wait till I grow up"

Finally, here's Lex "I can sit" picture:
Lex: "Ke Candy yung mga Princess pillows ha"

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Alicia said...

They are sooooo cute!!

And 6 months is such a cute age!!