Sunday, 3 May 2009

Luigi's Justice League Party

Aloysius and Achilles got excited upon hearing the news that Luigi, their 2nd cousin (son of Charry and Louie Castillo) is having a Justice League party. Knowing that they're going to wear their Superman and Batman costumes, they looked forward to this day. Today, we had a blast. On the way to the party, they were already asking Tatay to speed up. When we arrived, we saw Luigi at the door and my sons were kinda disappointed because Luigi was not in his costume yet. My youngest Alexus was screaming when we entered Dazo Hall which was already half full of people and children dancing and playing on the stage. I remember Nanay's story of Lito doing the same in his first birthday party, overwhelmed at the sight of people hahaha. The party host started the games, as usual my kids didn't participate. But they enjoyed the bubble show, balloon making and the magic tricks. Kyle was always reminding me to take his pictures while he was on stage (or just near it) >>Guess from whom did he got this trait? Aloysius also enjoyed some moments with his cousin, who was wearing an Iron Man and Incredible Hulk costume. It's also Alexus first time to meet his cousins from the father side and my opportunity to catch up with Charry and Florean, my SGS lab buddies then. Here are some of our pictures:

More photos here.

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