Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

Today is a special day. I was so happy I've been blessed again at The Lighthouse Community Church service last Mother's Day. My kids enjoyed the kid's church as well and they gave me the artwork they did as their mother's day gift for me. Kyle's work was done by his teacher. I was touched by Miggy's work, although it only contained a heart and the word I Love You in it. When I took their pictures, Kyle was so proud to show it and Kuya as usual shy. I also took a picture of my other gift - my latest child who is mobile now. Although late, I felt it's still worth posting here.

My other name is TRINA (three na anak) >>Proud Mama of three


Chris said...

Hi Is this Lighthouse in Alabang? :)

Irmee said...

Yes, in Buencamino to be exact..Do you attend there too?