Saturday, 3 January 2009

Last glimpse at 2008, welcome 2009

I was reading my very first entry for year 2008 and I'm thankful that most of it, and a lot more have been realized.

Here are the highlights of my life in 2008:

1. My first US trip (Texas, New York City and Upstate, Sanfo California) - Although the transfer/temporary work assignment didn't push through, I was glad to have met those I'm working with thru conference calls and emails. Having seen them personally made our working relationship smoother and better. I also enjoyed seeing the different attractions these states offered.

2. Lito's move to Canada - After waiting for over 5 years, the immigration has finally been approved but we're yet to follow. The second half of the year was stressful for us because of the suspense on when would our visa will be granted until the time expires for a pregnant to fly. We are still adjusting but we're hopeful that our family won't be separated for long.

3. World crisis, work crisis - the economic slowdown made our company decide on spinning off other subsidiaries including the one I was connected with. It was hard to be transferred again and be separated from those you have worked with for over a year. But the change is inevitable, we just keep the good working relationship and other values we have learned in the previous company.

4. Travel - although the Disney trip didn't materialize, my family enjoyed the Baguio vacation. Aloysius just learned the different tourist attractions in the Philippines and I was happy that he was able to tell his teacher and classmates that he's already been to these spots. I hope he will also remember the beauty of his homeland before he goes to Canada.

5. Alexus Mitchel - this is the biggest surprise of my life. While in the US, I learned I was having my 3rd child and that meant giving up the L-visa that my employer was offering. The baby is a blessing and it was worth every change or omission of other things in my life. Each one of us have a calling, mine's have to be motherhood and I'm blessed to be one.

Now what's in store for 2009? I'm just clueless and I would have to say, bring it on. God is good!


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