Friday, 23 January 2009

Rollercoaster dream

I just came back to work this week, been busy catching up and had this strange dream. I was riding on a rollercoaster, I remember I was on the first car and I was screaming on the first drop. What's frightening is that the scene turned black and I was suddenly on another zone parang forest and I remember touching the leaves and branches and screaming for help...I wonder what the dream meant?

Here's what I found: Dreaming about a roller coaster ride seems to symbolize the emotional ups and downs that a person is experiencing. Although, this ride can be fun, it can also seem out-of-control and even be a frightening experience. As a dream symbols it suggests that the dreamer may need to achieve greater emotional balance. The sever changes in mood and temperament are draining and unproductive and maybe highlighted by the roller coaster dream. If the dream is feeling emotionally flat and apathetic, then this dream may be a form of compensation.

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