Monday, 19 January 2009

My breastfeeding experience and a lot more

I tried breastfeeding on Aloysius but had low milk supply, it only lasted for a week and had to rely on the formula for his feeding. In my second child Achilles, I was a bit successful in breastfeeding. I was able to nurse him until I was back to work which is only two months. The moment I was able to buy a breast pump, the milk supply had dried and I had no choice but to go back to formula milk. Now that I'm able to successfully produce more milk and having learned that breast milk is the best, I want my Alexus to enjoy it hopefully at least until 6 months or until it dries up again. My other working mommy friends attest that using a breastpump prolong and help in producing more milk. Now that I'm back to work, I consider buying a breastpump.

Since there is a wide range of brands and styles of breastpump to choose from, it helps to use a buying guide. I found one that gives you the pros and cons on the types of breastpumps. It even has notes on safety and lists of top manufacturers. I was particularly interested in Manual breast pumps and the site provided photos and information on each product, the price and the stores where it is available.

The links provided in the site also enlightened me on some issues and concerns on breastfeeding.

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