Saturday, 8 November 2008

Photo Opps with Santa

While Aloysius and Achilles were attending a Birthday party at ATC with Tita Wendy, Ces and Candy, Mama and I had a chance to shop for Christmas gifts for the boys at Rustan’s because I might not have a chance when the baby is already here. I thought it was still early to shop but the store seemed to be a bit busy today. Christmas spirit is all over and it was so nice to shop, Christmas songs are being played and there was even a Santa Claus roaming around and goodies for the kids. After shopping, the kids arrived and we had photo opportunities with Santa Claus in his corner for free while in the other malls this is already P150.00. Kyle was so amazed he even sat in Santa’s lap. Kuya Aloysius enjoyed the cookies but Candy was in all fear and cries each time she sees Santa. Of course, I wouldn’t let this chance pass without me (and Alexus) in the photo with Santa. Here's our pics and the kids pics at the party. Oh BTW, Kyle won in one of the games, he was the smallest in the group.

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