Saturday, 22 November 2008

Our (or my kids) Snow World Experience and ranting about Star City

It’s been a week and I haven’t given birth yet. My family decided to go to Snow World this afternoon to experience the Winter Christmas in the Philippines. Aloysius didn’t join the Field Trip in their school yesterday because they will just go to a farm where Aloy already experience while we were in Bohol last year. So instead, I just told him we will go to Snow World in Star City. We arrived in Star City around 5 pm and there’s already a long queue at the ticket booth. Since it’s a Saturday, we expected many people but I didn’t expect that the parking is already filled up with Field Trip buses. I was frustrated at how we lost time in getting to the Snow World area because it is located in the farthest end and we had to pass thru a maze (Star City is poorly organized, the rides are scattered every where unlike Enchanted Kingdom where there is a theme in every area and the signs are visible enough not to let you get lost). Star City management should have a separate entrance to save time and energy for those who decided to purchase the Snow World ticket.

Anyway, when we got near, the line is too long. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go inside because I’m pregnant so Wendy, Candy and I waited for Daddylo, Mama, Carter, Ces, Aloysius and Achilles while they enjoy the so-called Snow World. This account is according to my 6 year-old son and my siblings. By the way, we came in prepared, we brought winter clothes with us, with matching gloves, bonnet and scarves to protect us. The kids had 3 layers of jackets including the one provided by the Star City, they were able to last for over 30 minutes unlike the others who didn’t and just passed by (sayang ang P160 pesos). Aloy said he was so excited he tried to get the snow and form a snow ball but the ice is too hard (parang galing sa freezer). Then he was jumping up and down the ice which was hard daw. He had to pee good thing they brought an empty bottle, I asked if he felt his batotoy getting off hehehe. They went to ride the slide and checked out the different sculptures. This year’s theme was Christmas so last year’s sculptures were better and that’s according to my son when I showed him the photos taken by Anton of Our Awesome Planet. He was looking for the world’s famous landmarks like Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty but didn’t find in this year’s Snow World. In fairness, my sons enjoyed the different kind of experience they had at the ICE world, that’s what it’s more appropriately called per Aloysius, he just can’t believe that he didn’t see any snow flakes falling. Hahaha.

Here are the 2 pictures we bought from Star City, they won’t allow you to bring any kind of camera because of the moist so we paid for P 100 each to have a souvenir.

My kids looked good in cold weather, rosy cheeks and red lips. And my family too, they had a blast if it weren’t for my dad’s aching feet–frost bite they could have lasted longer than 30 minutes -average of only 10 minutes for those without proper clothing gear so be prepared if you plan to go there. BTW, the temperature inside is zero degrees Celsius.

More comments on Star City:

While Wendy and I were waiting, I was thinking that the ride-all-you-can fee of P375 is too much for a maze of rides without an aircondition on enclosed areas. I didn’t even see a sign for Fire Exit if there’s one. I was looking for them in case there’s a stampede. Looks like it’s going to be another Ozone disco case if this is not addressed because I only remember the way going out using the way I entered in. With the influx of visitors like this afternoon, (I was thankful nothing happened) it could really happen again. I just hope the Elizaldes and Manila City Government should consider taking preventive measures soon.

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Tricia said...

Hi Irmee! Thanks for posting your experience in Star City! Congrats also on your new bundle of joy!