Thursday, 13 November 2008

Meaning of luggages in a dream

I dreamt of 3 big luggages brought by 3 older but single women. they were not carrying it nor handing it over to me. The luggages are just there in my dream. Here's what I found out about seeing luggages in your dreams:

"This dream indicates that you are juggling with a lot of responsibilities (luggage) and struggling against time constraints. But at the same time the dream reveals that, in general, you are a very well-organised person. The dream says that you need to plan ahead and tackle smaller pieces of a task at a time, don't take on more than is manageable."

Maybe I was just too anxious about giving birth and how will I take care of my two boys and eventually the baby all alone, the risk of losing my job and the immigration to Canada in the offing. I really hope I can do what the interpretation says, to plan and take smaller peices of task at a time.

May God help me.

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