Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cheers to 30 years of Jollibee and beyond

Jollibee has been a big part of my life. My sister was born in the same year as Jollibee. It was then called Jollibee Yumburger. I remember when I was young, we were always been treated to a Jollibee meal. Shopping Malls were not yet born that time but we always frequent Cubao where the first stores of Jollibee were located. One time, we just passed by a Jollibee store and didnt buy anything when my sister suddenly blurted out "JOBIBEE" - her very first words upon seeing the then Jollibee Yumburger logo.

Ten years after, I was already a teenager and I had to work part-time because of my erratic schedule in college. I got the opportuntiy to work in Jollibee as a part-time Service Crew. I enjoyed the mornings and late-evenings serving my favorite fastfood between my calculus, computer and automata classes.

Twenty years after, I got married and eventually had children who also became addicted to Jollibee. Their favorite food is Jollibee. Their birthday parties included Jollibee. Their first words = JABEE" or "BEE". Until now, we wouldn't let an opportunity pass without going to Jollibee whenever we are in a mall.

Now that Jollibee has turned 30 years, I want to congratulate the Filipino ingenuity of the first ever fastfood chain to level with or even surpass American brands. I'm proud to say that I was a part of the Jollibee workforce where Good Customer Service, Time Management and Quality Consciousness are just some of the traits a crew learns by heart and develop as one matures. I'm still taking advantage of these traits in my present career.

Here, I am sharing pictures of the 2 Jollibee dolls from different generation (notice the big change) as a symbol of my loyalty to Jollibee - always part of the milestones of my life.


Sunnysideup said...

oooh I love Jollibee :p Eating there always perks me up. My faves are: Chicken Joy, Palabok and the very sinful fries with overflowing melted cheese.

AEC said...

dapat may loyatly award ka from jollibee. hehe. mcdo girl ako eh. i tasted jollibee nung 1st yr hs na ako kasi naniwala ako sa bulati in their burger; feeling ko pa yung fries nila bulati covered with egg. haha. labo.

Fantastic Fabulous Faith said... not a jollibee fan and takot ako kay Mr Yum nung bata ako...pero yeah...nag iba na nga ang dolls nila....May chikee pa ba? ( yun ba yung name nung manok?)