Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hi-tech but slow

I was sick and was home for 2 days (had the time to update this blog hehe). The first day was terrible, I was just bedridden, couldn't eat or else I'll vomit. My legs are wobbly and couldn't walk and my back hurts big time. So today, Lito and I went to the family doctor near Sherway Gardens. His sore throat is getting worse too so we spent 4 hours at the clinic. Yes 4 hours, it's like going to work halfday. Anyway, I wanted to describe how is it going to the doctor here compared with what we were used to. The clinic we went to is a walk-in clinic so even if you don't have an appointment, they will see you. Remember the comment I had when we wanted to have our family picture taken 2 years ago, everything here needs an appointment but this is an exception. Upon entering, you will see a kiosk where you will swipe your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program) card and you will need to confirm your address and contact number, also give your email address because later you need to specify how you wanted to be contacted. There's also a checklist there for allergies to medicines and why you wanted to see a doctor, if you knew. My symptoms reveal a UTI but I didn't put that in. All these are done on a touch screen, tap method. Even the seniors do it. There are only 2 nurses there, but they spent most of their time inside assisting the doctors and lab specialist. I remember the last thing that I saw on my screen before completing the information gathering is "You are patient no. 5 and the current wait time is 20 minutes". The information we entered in the kiosk is now reflected on their system, on the nurse desk and in the Tablet computer that they use to enter the symptoms information during the interview. This is also where they put all the vital signs that they usually get in each check up. The medical history, the prescription and lab requirements were also entered there. No paperwork, promise. Only the prescription was printed for me to show to the Pharmacist.

While waiting, I feel like urinating so I asked for a container and they gave me a sealed one. Once inside, the nurse did the urinalysis herself. I didn't have to go to another lab to bring my urine to wait for another 30 minutes. I remember that ordeal while doing the pre-natal check ups with my 3 kids. It was really hi-tech, as in..she just put in a strip. I checked on the label and it was called SIEMENS Multistix Reagent strips for urinalysis. There was a color guide in the bottle which says what the condition of my urine is. Well, based on what I saw, mine revealed, high protein, high glucose and blood stains whatever that means hahaha. I wonder where would the medical technologists be working when this is available in the Phillipines.

I was required to do an ultrasound to check on kidney stones or something so I waited again but it's a relief when I went inside the Ultrasound room, it's like a Spa, so relaxing, even the bed was so comfortable, the lights are low and even the liquid gel that they put on was warm. But since I was already there for 2 hours and I urinated, nothing can be seen on my bladder, it was empty. I was advised to drink water and come back after 30 minutes because he has more patients already lined up. It's a good thing. Lito was already done and needed to take the medication immediately but we didn't have a proper breakfast so we headed to nearby Mcdonald's to fill my bladder and our stomachs.

When I returned, I didn't wait long and so I didn't really had an issue with my kidneys but they still gave me antibiotics for the UTI, they call it bladder infection, but I'm not sure which is which, hahaha. Anyway, the doctor reminded me about the results of my previous visit because they got the X-ray report. It was confirmed that I have a Mild Scoliosis (sakit ito ng mga magaganda remember Lorna T and ZsaZsa P? LOL) and Osteo Sclerosis, the opposite of Osteoporosis where my bones were hardening, thickening due to osteitis condensas illi. The doctor advised me to do some research on this. This is new to me because in the Philippines, no one told me to do something like this. My guess is the physicians here wanted their patients to be educated on their sickness to help them in curing it. Nothing to be alarmed but it can be cured with Physiotheraphy and meds when the pain strikes again.

I was just amazed at how hi-tech my doctor's visit is today but I got tired at waiting. I wondered if it's because they only have one doctor or there were too many patients they were attending to. I know that the expensive Hospitals like Asian, St. Lukes, Makati Med and Medical City in the Philippines may already have these facilities but only those who can afford can experience where here, only the OHIP was required, they didn't even have to look for my other insurance from my employer. I really feel blessed I am here in Canada where healthcare is a priority.

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