Friday, 10 February 2012

Career Updates

I missed my team's planning session for this year and after my sick leave I received more workload than usual. Suddenly, all of them wanted their documentation to be in our system, maybe trying to squeeze in 2011 projects while they can to add merits to their achievements. I had a one-on-one with my boss and I was pleased with the results, it's actually expected because I know that I always meet the targets because I keep track of my performance/scorecard. I'm thankful that even if there were some negative vibes from co-workers (di talaga nawawala ang inggitan at siraan khit dito), I was able to perform and achieve my goals.

This year is going to be more time to be spent on the production floor, and learning about the business. What I look forward to is the interaction and exposure to more people from different levels - production operators, team leaders , line managers, directors, 3rd party contractors. Sometimes, I feel that I have not used my social skills because I was always in front of the computer.

Today, we had a Town Hall meeting and it was a nice experience, being informed of what the corporate plans for the year are and meeting more people. I think the number of people I know increased from last year and I had more time to talk and socialize with them today...also more Pinoys as well. Nakakamiss kayang mag-Tagalog, hahaha. Ang sarap magchismisan in your own dialect, hahaha. Anyway, we were dismissed early because we didn't have power at the Brewery so off I went to Sherway Gardens Mall to give in to my shopaholic cravings. It feels good to be browsing the stores in a mall like in the Philippines unlike most areas here where the stores have their own buildings and you are mostly outside, driving or walking from one store to another. Nakakamiss ang SM, ATC, Festival Mall at ang mga favorites ko na Glorietta at Shangri-la Malls. I wonder where Ani would treat my sister Wendy for lunch today.

I bought some girly things to reward myself on the outcome of my career, sana mataas din ang sales namin, to enjoy more big perks.

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