Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lex' First Sunday School

It's Lex' first time to go to Sunday School on his own. Oh well, Kyle was with him because the age bracket for the Pre-school class is 3-5. I know Kyle is overage but I need him to look after his brother while we the adults are attending the Worship Service in the main hall. The church has a system of letting the parents know if the kid is cranky or crying or looking for them. There is a LED sign near the main stage and the number that you get when you register the kid will be flashing to prompt you to go and attend to your kid. I was always looking for the sign and I was glad that the number I got didn't flash for any of the kids. BTW, Aloysius is in another hall for 8 to 11 years old. They have a mini-church service, complete with worship songs, bible reading, games and other activities. The room has its own projectors for the songs and messages. Cool, di ba?

Back to my youngest - When the service was over and it was time to fetch the kids. I told Lito to get Aloysius and I will get Kyle and Lex. When I went inside, I realized that Lex and Kyle were separated and they have their own activity. I saw Lex in one table and he was busy coloring and pasting. I sat beside him and he barely noticed me. He was too busy. When he finally saw me, he told me "Mom, I'm not finish (with) school." I told him to keep the crafts and it's time to go. Dad and Aloysius were waiting in the hallway. When he saw Kyle coming over to give me his own art project, Lex went to the teacher and started crying. "Send mom away, I'm not finished (with) school." By this time, moms started to arrive to fetch their kids and they were looking at Lex because he was the only one crying and the class is already over. I went closer to grab him by the arm and he started screaming and fighting Kyle who was also telling him to go with me because the teachers will not allow him to stay or leave the room on his own. The scene was like that until we reach the hallway which is full of parents and children by that time. Lex was still crying hard and boxing Kyle when Lito grabbed him and put him in the corner. I couldn't do anything, maybe dumbfounded at the incident. Kakaiba talaga ang bunso ko, hahaha. When other kids would cry when their moms leave them on their first day of school, Lex would cry because he wanted to stay in school. Excited to go to school? Maybe..I hope his attitude towards school stays the same when he enters full-day kindergarten in September.

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