Monday, 30 January 2012

My Bloopers (and Lex')

Lito and I have been collecting bloopers before and shared with Dennis and Loida (Happy Birthday friend!). A have a few bloopers when I arrived in Canada but I only remember one. Here goes: Saying Hi or Hoy Kamusta is always done here in the form of questions like "How are you?" "How'd you doing?" "How's your morning?" and so I always answer the same like "Good" "I'm good, how about you?" "Excellent because it's Friday!" or "Never been better". Sometimes I also say negative replies and that strikes a conversation when things are really not well. Anyway, one time the Brewery General Manager's Admin Assistant and I bumped each other in the hallway and she greeted me, I immediately replied "I'm good" when she said something but I later realized that she just said "Hello!" hahaha. so that's my blooper and here's the video blooper of my 3-yr old singing London Bridge. He is so cute and I want to share this here for you to be amused. Enjoy!

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