Friday, 13 January 2012

Footprints in the Snow

When my officemate Mike asked me,” How are you today?” I blurted out, “You know with this kind of weather, it’s not a good one for me! “ They were always asking me (because I’m commuting and walking) and my boss (who lives in Barrie) how we are if the snow is pouring hard like this. It’s nice of them to show their concern. But I had the worst today! The weather is nasty. Wind is gusty and snow is pouring hard…on my face…while walking around the block. I passed by 4 bus stops, you can just imagine how far it is and walked around the whole of the Brewery to get to my office. My usual route is shorter but the turnstile failed again and would not let me in. I was already thinking of going home when I saw the bus going Southbound on the way to the other entrance but I had to move on and go to work. I felt like crying after almost slipping twice (there were icy patches where I walked on) but I realized that my tears would also turn to ice so I just prayed and sang songs of praise. I felt pity for myself but I know that moment I had to think positive. I just think about the opportunity to talk to God who kept me warm and made me feel like I’m enjoying this weather…Strange but I started to like the feel of snow on my feet and like the color around me, it’s all white – clean and pure...the Friday the thirteenth jinx didn’t work on me and I thank God, my friend Jesus who walked with me all the way..I now remember the poem/song…footprints in the sand. I experienced it today. Snow storm, Blizzard? Bring it on…I’m ready for more..

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Photography-Amature Favorites said...

Irmee, I just happened onto your blog and decided to check it out. I like your perserverance and willingness to look through the world in a new light even through difficulties. A positive attitude can make or break someone. Thanks for the uplift. Will try to visit again soon and you're welcome to drop on by. Reva