Sunday, 25 September 2011

Salmon Migration in Port Hope

Salmons are amazing fish that live in fresh water during their early life, mature in salt water, and then return to fresh water to breed. Before reaching the area to lay their eggs they have to make an effort to jump and make it across a strong opposing current. This is a challenge for them but after moving up, there is a calm water waiting for them then they will lay their eggs and die. The eggs they laid will start a new life and the cycle goes on.

We went to Port Hope, Ontario (a town east of Toronto) to witness Salmon run last September 22. It was a long drive from Toronto but the trip going there was worthwhile because we started to see the fall colors. We got excited upon seeing the fishes jumping up the stream. Before heading to the beach for our picnic lunch, we checked out Canada Firefighters Museum and saw old firetrucks. Our lunch was superb not only because of the food but also because of the view - blue skies, calm lake and seagulls everywhere. Here are some of our pictures:

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aMorita-Sa said...

Hi Irmee, I stopped by your blog today. What a happy picture of your family.