Monday, 19 September 2011

Epic Apple Picking

As soon as we found out that Henry and family will go to Brampton to do some apple picking, we got excited. We attended a morning service at The Queensway Church, had a short tour at Ikea then headed to Carl Laidlaw Orchards for our early fall adventure - Apple Picking.

Our tour guide Ray chose Carl Laidlaw Orchards because of the attractions for the kids. They were tasting wagon, a hay barn, a barn beam walk, a grainery and a labyrinth. The kids had fun at these attractions. But it was only icing on the cake. The real fun is seeing the apple trees and picking the apples and of course, eating all the apples our tummys can hold.

We were all smiles when we boarded the wagon going to the picking area but the kids were screaming Epic Apples when we came to a spot where the trees were full of red apples. I believe those were Royal Gala, my kids favorite so we started munching on them as we move from tree to tree. Even Lex picked his own apple and ate them.

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