Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gardening 101

It's almost the end of summer and good thing, I really don't need to maintain our garden in the backyard and front yard. Just thinking about it, my head aches. I'm clueless at the types of plants and how to start with the vast varieties of plants here. Ang masaklap pa nito, you have to buy everything, di tulad sa pinas, hingi ka lang sa kapitbahay, haay. Everything here is to be purchased even the cultivator and grass cutters. Different styles pa rin yun while I remember back at my mom's garden, we just used "itak" or bolo. I realized that lawn mower have different types: cordless, gas-operated, electric and manual. The cut grass is either captured in the attached bag or you have to buy again a blower and retrieve the grass using a rake.

Even the fertilizer is seasonal. There is a grass fertilizer for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Goodluck talaga sa gastos hahaha. I have to maintain our grass because we have a whole corner covered with grass and most of the backyard where my kids play. I'm glad that right now they want to water the grass and sometimes play the sprinkler to keep it healthy and green. Now my problem is they have started to grow and it now needs some mowing hahaha.

Our next door neighbor's garden is fab. It has 2 awards - 2003 Garden of the Year and 2009 3rd runner up for Toronto Environmental awards. I don't have plans of competing but I just want my garden to be nice or even neat and not too bushy or something. So I'm doing some research, asking around and found out that there are ways to have a maintenance free garden. I have to choose the perennial type of plants which will last every season. I am thinking of putting fruit trees in the backyard and flowers, some ferns in front. I just hope that some of the existing plants are perennial.

I am going to be a busy gardener and I hope my green thumb will be put to use soon. But spending is far from my plans, maybe I'll start next spring. Can you dig it? haha

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