Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Colors of Fall @James Gardens

This week was a long weekend but since our plans of going to Niagara or an apple farm didn’t push through, we managed to watch the fall colors in another way. A walk in the park is always a good alternative especially when the weather is good and the kids are in a good mood to stroll. James Gardens is accessible thru Toronto Transit thru Royal York or Jane station. After walking a few blocks from the bus station, we reached Edinburgh Avenue where the entrance of the garden is. At first, we were kinda disappointed because we thought that the park is only a small one. The area we went to had a few picnic tables and there was not much trees but only grassy ground where the kids ran around.
But we were wrong after all. After eating lunch, we headed towards the main garden. Lito discovered a bike trail and we just followed it to get to the middle of the park. We enjoyed the great view, the rushing waters of Humber River on the left and the trees in different colors of Autumn on our right. We passed by manicured gardens, bike - stroller trails, bridges and more picnic tables under huge willow trees. Later, we took the hiking trail to go through the forest and we were amazed at the tall trees hovering over us, in different colors. Enjoy this video Lito took. I was busy texting my friend, describing how beautiful it was to see the fall colors from the inside that I forgot about my son who went down his stroller on his own hahaha.

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