Thursday, 30 September 2010

My firstborn is Future Aces student of the month

I was surprised to hear the good news yesterday and when Lito and I went to their school this morning, I still couldn't believe that finally my child is getting his rewards. I was relieved to hear that here in Canada, there is no ranking. The school system is only after meeting or exceeding the standards set by the Province. My Aloysius never got the chance to be number 1 in the Philippines. I was glad to find out that even though the school is following the District Boards standards, it still gives recognition like this and it really motivated my son. Who wouldn't? Aloysius is so happy to receive the Future Ace Student of the month in their class.

The Future Aces philosophy is based on the belief that positive attention contributes to and reinforces a person's self-esteem. Future Aces focuses on the positive rather than the negative, by recognizing and encouraging attitudes and actions that are desirable and constructive. Founder Herb Carnegie says that "being a Future Ace means being a good person with feeling in your heart."

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