Friday, 15 October 2010

No need to subscribe to cable to enjoy Digital TV

We recently purchased an LCD TV – a 40-inch Sony Bravia (with bundled Sony Blu-Ray player) which was on sale – we’re only shopping if there’s a sale LOL. Prior to this purchase, we used to enjoy a 27-inch Sony TV we got from the old apartment and an HDTV Antenna to capture all the kids shows and channels where we just watch sports, news, CSI and Glee. We now use this antenna in the new LCD TV and we get digital high definition (HD) TV channels as if subscribing to Rogers or Bell Cable. We can capture all the Toronto HD channels like Global, CTV, CTS, CityTV, Sun, Omni 1 & 2, CBC, CHCH. I also discovered that we can watch FOX and another US channel featuring Hollywood movies for free. The shows that we regularly watch plus sports and news are in clear, crisp, digital format. I can watch more of the series I have neglected for the past year. So Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, House, Gossip Girl are back on my list to watch and also new favorites like No Ordinary Family, Three and a half Men, The Good Wife and NCIS. My kids enjoy the wide screen but most of all we enjoy the savings we get. You too can. Just purchase an HDTV Antenna which costs around CDN$15-20 and use coaxial cable to connect to your LCD TV and voila, feast on digital madness.

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