Friday, 22 October 2010

27 to 30 years of friendship and counting

Our high school batch is celebrating the Silver Jubilee this year (Rizal High School Batch 85). Yup, I’m that matured, looks can be deceiving you know, hahaha. My high school life was a colorful one. You can even compare it to the episodes of 90210, Dawson’s Creek or Gossip Girl. Thanks to my friends who have shared with me the joys (and pains) of being a teenager. We have a clique of 12 fun-loving, with eyes for details (to critique unusual classmates), smart and well-liked girls. Our laughter echoes in Masanga -the place we used to hang out. It’s a secret nook surrounded by gardens where students from pilot sections, other ’popular kids’, high school sweethearts eat and spend time. The words ‘laugh out loud’ are already familiar to our group even before they became a buzz word in chat. They say “Birds of the same feather flock together” and I say that what we all have in common aside from having the same haircut is our both being B & B (and another B). Beauty and Brains don’t go together for some but not for our group. Body is the other B though I didn’t have that :). Attending parties, having a cool bf and balancing them with school activities is a tough act. Our group did it effortlessly and with the demands of Rizal High School, who can top that?
After 27 years and for some of us even earlier, we are still the BBB of our batch. Yes, none of us have the same waistline as our age LOL. We have a group in Facebook and our private conversations there were just like the old times. Only this time we are not in our favorite nook but in different parts of the world, reminiscing and still doing the LOLs. Each one enjoying the prime of our lives, sometimes we still comment on our batchmates and share our excitement in our trip planning. I really hope our Calgary reunion will push through when one of us gets married (again for the nth time hahaha) next year.
I feel blessed to have shared and still share with these girls the gift of friendship. Like always, we will be on each other’s side through thick or thin. May God continue to bless us with the 3 Bs and more Bs (not babies though but blessings) now and forever.

RAJGILC members are (L-R) Irminia Cansino, Cherrie Juanillo, Lalaine Leonardo, Ma. Glenda Valdellion, Ma. Joy Dela Cueva, Armenia Ecobin, Ma. Cristina Tiangco, Cherry Roldan, Carlyn Ordonez, Catherine Cruz (not in photo - Jacqueline Salonga, Cynthia Tiangco)

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