Monday, 1 November 2010

Trick or Treating in Etobicoke

My kids were looking forward to this day eversince they received lots of goodies last year in their first Halloween here in Canada. It's Lex first time to join and our first time in Etobicoke neighborhood.

Last Friday, both Miggy and Kyle had their Halloween parade in their respective schools. The funny thing was while they were putting on their costumes, Lex wanted to put on his costume as well even if it's not yet Halloween. He wore a Winnie the Pooh and while they were on the way to Kyle's school, the road workers called Winnie the Pooh and he waved his hands.

A cold Halloween night
We started trick or treating a few minutes before 7:00 pm. It was cold outside and I made sure the kids wore fleece jacket beneath their costumes. Miggy, the Dracula and Kyle, the Police Officer went from house-to-house. Their loot bags were almost half-full after one block. We saw lots of Halloween-themed or decorated houses but there's this one house who stood out. It looked like we were in a set of a scary movie, complete with props and spotlights. There's even a live mummy who moved while I took a photo of Lito and the kids. While going round the corner, a hanging head just appeared above us and Lex got scared. I was not able to pose with the gorgeous witches who are giving away the candies but I had a good time watching them, as if looking at the stars of Practical Magic. We enjoyed this activity and called it a night when the kids loot bags were full. The kids were all smiles when they were comparing all the goodies they received. It was fun!

Lex' first time
At first, Lex was just sitting in his stroller, but no one's giving him any goody so Lito and I took turns in bringing him near the door with the kids. He looked adorable in his costume, he received nice remarks from people giving the treats and from other kids as well. Later on, he wanted to walk and knock on the door or ring the bell by himself. I can't believe that as young as 23 months, he is showing signs of wanting to be independent.


G said...

sis, nakakatuwa. i love the pooh costume...i bet the whole family had a wonderful time with so many treats, nice experience for the kids..=)

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