Thursday, 25 November 2010

Scrapbooking (conventional and digital)

I was able to have my personal time off last Saturday after I dropped off the kids at AJ’s Party (Kyle’s best friend). I went to the mall to kill the time and I enjoyed browsing the scrapbooking materials which was on sale. I didn’t bother buying anything because I really didn’t have time to do it. I still have a stash of paper, albums and embellishments sitting there in our cabinets for some time now. I hope I’ll have that inspiration to do some scrapbooking again. I really have lots to do – our photos have accumulated and there were still lots to print.
And then, I also downloaded lots of digital scrapbooking kits and quick pages that I can use for my photobook projects. Up to the wee hours, I was searching for embellishments and themed kits that I can use in the invitation I’m working on. It is then that I realized that I’ve been missing a lot and my hands needed to scrap or make that digital collage. How I wish I can just start on anything so my efforts in downloading won’t be futile.
It’s almost the year end and my Artscow credits are going to be wasted if I won’t be able to use them. Anyway, I felt happy when I was able to finish the invitation for the children’s dedication scrapbook style.

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