Sunday, 8 August 2010

My first Taste of the Danforth

It was an accidental stroll around Toronto today. I just hopped on Randy and Gina's car to get the boxes from my friend on Queen Street and I found myself having my personal time off. We went to Woodbine area, grabbed my favorite French Vanilla at Tim Horton's and feed the seagulls by the beach. It was a relaxing sight especially when we went to the rocky areas, the sound of the waves soothes. I wish I had my family with me but it's also good to have a personal time to be recharged.

Before we head home, Randy reminded Gina to buy Gyros for their dinner at the Greektown - Danforth and I found myself joining her and lining up for the grilled quail and gyros. This annual event is frequently visited and most popular among the street food events in Toronto. The atmosphere is like a town fiesta but with all the food lined up on the street. The smell of grilled food entices me and I can't wait to bring to my palate my first taste of Danforth. Of course, the highlight here is not only to taste Greek and Mediterreanean food but also to purchase it in a low price. Imagine, Souvlakis for only CDN$5. My loot is the grilled quail which my boys finished thinking it was chicken and the 2 gyros were filling, Lito and I didn't have any other food for dinner. Truly, it was a new discovery and an event that will be looked forward to in the coming years.

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