Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Canada East Tour Day Three – Back to Montreal, 1000 islands cruise

It was a total of 7 hours for the trip going back. We headed early morning to Montreal, the first 2.5 hours, Lex behaved because he was busy watching CARS in our portable DVD player, but then the battery ran out so he was cranky before we reached our destination. After lunch, another 3 hours, we headed towards Ontario to Ivy Lea, this is where we will ride a ferry for the 1000 islands cruise. Lex slept before we arrived Ivy Lea and I was carrying him during the cruise. It was an hour cruise and we enjoyed the islands within the Canada waters and those from the US border. I noticed that both of these countries are patriotic, I wonder why in the Philippines, it is only on Independence Day that you can see our flags and only in strategic areas and not everywhere.

The cruise was our opportunity to rest, the cool winds and breathtaking views make us relax and reflect. What a nice trip! It was also a good time to bond and fellowship with one another. The trip would not have turned enjoyable if it weren’t for our churchmates who comforted and played with Lex when he was crying on the bus, and also looking after our other children while walking in the streets of Montreal and Quebec Cities where there are lots of tourists and chances of them getting lost is great. We’re thankful.
Our last stop was at the Big Apple Pie store then 2 more hours we arrived in Toronto. We arrived at home at thirty past nine, all tired and weary but happy and acquired more knowledge about Canada.

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