Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shopaholic, being Becky and Swarovski charms bracelet

The titles of Adult Fiction in the Toronto Public Library is endless and I can't choose until I saw the Sophie Kinsella books. These books are on hold in the branch near us so I asked Lito to get it for me in the libraries near his office. I was so happy when he came home yesterday, he brought not only books for Miggy to read but also 2 Shopaholic titles for me. I started to read Shopaholic and sister right away, remembering my own sister who is more trendy and shopaholic than me. I'm sure she will also like this Pink Swarovski charms that Sandra of MTW Designs is giving away as a New Year gift. I hope I win because if not, I might use my paypal again for this cute silver bracelet :)

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