Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Welcome Party

We arrived earlier than the schedule and I was amazed that the sun is still setting by the time our plane landed. It was already 8:21 pm to be exact. We spent an hour at the Immigration and Customs (the Customs Officer didn't bother with our things, maybe overwhelmed at our 9 luggages/boxes, they just checked on the Formula Milk we brought, I should have known and brought all our pirated DVDs hahaha), our welcome party was already waiting for us at the airport and they were not only one but 4 vehicles. Ani and Jeri came a little late but we were not able to ride in their car anymore, but thanks for the effort Ani. We were caught in traffic at Highway 401 and arrived less than an hour in our apartment. Gina and Randy Ladson and friends prepared dinner for us and I was glad to see the banner they made and posted in our living room - Welcome to your Toronto Home. Slept around 2:00 am. Happy to be home at last.

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